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Student Self-Service Apps Transitioning to ONE.UF Portal

Student looking at ONE.UF homepage

As announced in the January 27 Administrative Memo, starting on Friday, February 19, student self-service functions will be available through the ONE.UF ( portal. To ensure a smooth transition, all bookmarks and links to the website will redirect to the new site.

ONE.UF is the university’s modernized, mobile-friendly home for accessing information systems. Launched in 2014 with apps for faculty and staff, ONE.UF is now becoming the central point for students to access self-service functionality. The new user experience provides an intuitive platform that more fully integrates with services used on a daily basis.

This migration represents the first step toward the work that will occur under the auspices of COMPASS, the Campus-wide Modernization Program to Advance Student Services, which will be implemented in a series of releases over the next five years. The student apps currently available in ONE.UF include Schedule of Courses, Registration, and My Schedule. Additional student services will be added to ONE.UF in the coming months. Please visit the page for more information on the ONE.UF portal.