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Save Time with New Service from the Offices of the CFO and CIO

Reporting Services Story_Staff member at his desk

Data is the driving force behind many UF decisions. A new group created by the Offices of the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Information Officer can streamline reporting processes and reduce overhead with custom or automated reports for university staff.

The Reporting Services group was created so colleges and departments can more effectively manage their business operations. The university’s workforce members, like business managers, accounting coordinators, and HR staff, rely on data to do their jobs. This new service can make the process of getting data more efficient: In many situations, after getting their custom reports, users say they’ve saved hours or even days of work per month by automating what was previously done manually. The Reporting Services group came about from conversations about increasing awareness of enterprise reporting available to campus. These conversations led to an agreement between the Offices of the CFO and the CIO to create and staff this service offering.

An email is all it takes to get your custom report request started! (This account is monitored by several people to help ensure a quick turnaround.) For more information, visit the CFO website or email

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