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New Integrated Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Primary image of the undergraduate course catalog website for 2018-2019.

Another COMPASS project enhancing the university’s student services is the undergraduate academic catalog. While the new catalog enables a dynamic environment with many “bells and whistles,” its real value is how it handles course information, says Office of the University Registrar’s Lee Morrison, publisher of the catalog:

“Historically, the catalog has been the provider of course information, but now it consumes that data. Drawing from the Campus Solutions course database, if there is ever a change—or the need for a correction—we now change it a single time in the SIS and publish the update to the catalog. This means that every instance of that course will instantly have accurate and consistent information, no matter how many times it appears in the catalog.”

Staff who would like to learn more about UF’s newly enhanced catalog can check it out via the Undergraduate Catalog Toolkit on the Human Resource Services website. If you come across a broken link or have any questions about this project, then please feel free to email the Office of the University Registrar.