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New Feature Enabled in UF DocuSign

SCREEN GRAB: UF DocuSign's Copy With Field Data Feature

Since Sept. 8, UF DocuSign users have had the option to “Copy Envelope with Field Data”. This feature allows authorized senders to create a copy of an envelope and retain all field data from completed signers, so they can easily send it again.

Copy Envelope with Field Data can be used to clone a partially or fully completed envelope and preserve signer information. This option is especially useful for complex, multi-recipient envelopes that are declined or otherwise voided. Everything from the original envelope is copied, with the exception of signatures, initials, and other system-generated data. This feature is similar to the “Create a Copy” option, which creates a blank copy of the envelope but excludes all recipient information and field data.

Follow these steps to copy an envelope with field data:

  1. From the Manage page, select the envelope you’d like to copy.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow to show the actions menu, and select Copy with Field Data.
  3. A new envelope is created containing all of the original envelope details and any recipient-entered field data. Make any desired changes to the envelope, including adding/removing files and recipients or modifying the message.

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