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myUFL Technical Upgrade Complete

myUFL HR/Payroll/FI systems upgrade

The myUFL system technical upgrade is complete.  Staff who use the myUFL system to complete HR, payroll, and/or financial transactions will see some changes to the system’s look and feel (color, font choices, etc.) and, in some cases, its functionality.

Prior to logging in to the myUFL system again for the first time, be sure to clear your cache and cookies.  All employees who enter their time and leave via myUFL will notice minor changes, while those who complete travel and expense transactions will notice the most differences in system functionality.

No action will be needed by department security administrators to adjust or add security roles.  Certain training courses have been updated to reflect the visual and procedural changes to the system, but retaking these training courses is not required to retain security.

Regular upgrades of the myUFL system are required to stay current and meet the university’s business demands.  Questions about the upgrade? Contact the project team at