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MyinvestiGator: Phase II Underway

myinvestiGator Phase 2

The myinvestiGator application deployed in spring, 2013. Phase II of the project is now underway, with personnel management as its focus.

“After Phase I deployed, faculty who saw immediate benefits offered to participate in planning and testing for Phase II,” said Nigel Chong-You, Business Relationship Manager in UFIT’s Enterprise Systems. “The feedback received from PIs was that they’d realize a lot of value if the myinvestiGator tool could provide insight into pay and effort commitments, so that’s our
focus for Phase II.”

Work has begun on incorporating views of personnel pay (including grant and non-grant funding sources) and who’s funded on each project. Features also include general demographic information, like FTE and fringe rates, base salaries, and home departments. Having this information all in one place is a time-savings boon not only to PIs but administrators as well:

“Now all of the personnel information will be in one place, presented in a visually pleasing, user-friendly way,” added Chong-You.

Through a series of interviews and presentations, the Office of Contracts & Grants, the CFO’s Office, and UFIT are obtaining feedback on mock-ups of the new features. Phase II of myinvestiGator, which also includes enhancements to Phase I, is scheduled to deploy in spring, 2014. For additional information please contact Stephanie Gray, Director of Sponsored Programs.