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myinvestiGator Now Available in myUFL

myInvestiGator logo

The Division of Sponsored Research–Contracts & Grants, Office of the Chief Financial Officer, and UFIT partnered to build myUFL’s myinvestiGator. This new tool is designed to increase accountability, transparency, and efficiency in UF’s sponsored activities.

“The myinvestiGator tool was developed specifically for investigators and is based on interviews with over 50 faculty and their support staff,” said Stephanie Gray, Director, Division of Sponsored Research. “Investigators can easily answer such questions as ‘How much money do I have left?’ and ‘Can I afford to buy a necessary supply or hire another graduate student?’ based on the information in the tool.”

Navigation to myinvestiGator is: myUFL > Main Menu > myinvestiGator, or via direct access at

More information about the myinvestiGator features are available in the January 16, 2013 DDD memo. Information is also available in the IT Service Catalog.

Help with myinvestiGator is available in the HR Grants toolkit and via the ‘help’ icon within the application. Staff needing assistance with the data in myinvestiGator should contact their research administrator in Contracts and Grants, (352) 392-1235.