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July 10 – Process Changes for a GatorLink Password Reset

Update your Directory Profile by July 10

The process for resetting passwords will change after next weekend’s GatorLink Account Management system upgrade. If your current home phone or current personal or work cellphone number is not in your myUFL Directory Profile, you’ll be required to visit the UF Computing Help Desk for a password reset.

The system upgrade includes an extra layer of security, very similar to what banks and credit unions now use. After the upgrade, anyone attempting a self-service password reset will receive a verification code via text (SMS) or voice call. That verification code ensures you are actually the one changing your password, protecting you from unauthorized use of your account.

Log in to myUFL this week and confirm that your current home phone or current personal/work cellphone numbers are listed in your Directory Profile. Here’s the path to verify your information: > Main Menu > My Account > Update My Directory Profile. You won’t be able to do a self-service password reset if this information is missing! Instead, you’ll need to bring photo ID to the UF Computing Help Desk to complete a GatorLink password reset.