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Improving the Financial Aid Process for Students and Staff

SCREENSHOT: Screen capture of the "To-Do" action items panel in ONE.UF.EDU

Some COMPASS initiatives focus on benefits for students while others focus on business process enhancements for faculty and staff. The recent upgrades to the Campus Solutions module (part of the Student Information System) positively impact students and staff, says Christina Lamb, senior associate director for Student Financial Affairs:

“We’ve just run our first round of federal verification—-a process required by the U.S. Department of Education’s Federal Student Aid office. Student Financial Affairs (SFA) collects tax and financial information to confirm that the data reported on a student’s FAFSA is correct. In past years, families had to fax these documents or give them to us in person. You can imagine the collection of paper coming in to SFA’s office, not to mention that faxing all of the paperwork or coming to campus for those who aren’t local was cumbersome on the student and their family. For the first time, we have e-Forms that they can submit to our office. In April, we notified 8,000 students who were selected for federal verification. They immediately began using links on their To-Do’s in One.UF. In less than 24 hours, we received over 600 completed documents. That’s a tremendous improvement for our students and for the SFA team.”

More information about the initiatives underway can be found on the COMPASS website.