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Improvements to Enterprise Reporting

Data Warehouse

Enhancements to Enterprise Reporting (ER) that went into production in April means UF business managers, month-end reconcilers, and accountants now have vastly improved encumbrance reports to work with. These enhancements have resulted in 7.5% of a 100 million row table in UF’s data warehouse being fixed.

A bug that occurred during the myUFL Finance 9.2 Upgrade meant that sometimes unreliable data appeared on encumbrance reports. After intense analysis into the root cause of the problem, UFIT staff modified the warehouse and reporting features so now the monthly financial reports contain vastly improved numbers. Prior to the bug fix, a fiscal officer might see an ER report that said $2 million is encumbered. Seeing that, a fiscal staff might have held off on approving expenditures on dollars that are actually available. Now, UF’s data warehouse is reporting what is truly available, so staff making financial decisions aren’t seeing over- or under-encumbered financial data.

Better data in UF’s data warehouse results in more reliable monthly financial reports staff can trust when performing reconciliations. The improved data also helps identify when there really is an issue, like a discrepancy in account balances that needs to be investigated.

For more information about the encumbrance report changes please, email UFIT’s Finance Support group.