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Faculty Listserv Now Available Via ONE.UF

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UF’s faculty listserv service was upgraded Monday, July 9. It is now accessible via the ONE.UF portal. Because of this upgrade, list owners (faculty and instructors) no longer have to request a listserv be created for a specific class. List owners and class rolls are now automatically refreshed daily once the class is registered in the new Student Information System. Recent new functionality through ONE.UF includes the addition of a teaching schedule with class date, time and location, ability to view and download class rolls, and access to the grades system in Student Admin for the spring and summer 2018 terms.

Available training materials include a step-by-step system simulation and a printable
PDF instruction guide. Anyone needing listserv assistance may contact (352-392-HELP/4357, 132 Hub) the UF Computing Help Desk.

The faculty listserv upgrade is part of the COMPASS project to modernize UF’s student systems. Learn more about the various projects underway at