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Enhancements Made to myUFL’s Functionality

Employee working at her desk

In response to employee feedback, three enhancements were recently completed to the myUFL HR/Payroll systems.

When the myUFL HR/Payroll Systems Upgrade went live in September, the order that employees were listed in the Manager Self Service screens and elsewhere in the HR and payroll subsystems changed. (Instead of employees’ last name being listed first, the first name became the initial field.) UFIT’s Enterprise Systems, the department that manages the myUFL systems, restored the order so that “last name” once again precedes “first name.” A name search function has also been added in the Commitment Accounting module. Both enhancements took effect on Friday, November 16.

The fine-tuning of the name-order and additional search feature followed a change to the Timesheet functionality. After the September 18th launch of the upgraded HR and Payroll systems, hourly employees attempting to use a “Favorite” for their Timesheets encountered errors. This issue has been resolved. Hourly employees can now create a “Favorite” for the page when they enter their time. A brief simulation is available that will quickly guide employees on how to create a “Favorite” Timesheet page.

Need assistance using myUFL? Email, visit (132 HUB), or call (352-392-4357) the UF Computing Help Desk.