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Customer Advocacy for UF’s Enterprise Computing Environment

PHOTO: Gator statue on campus with a color-wash filter overlay

How can technology innovate the business of UF? And who can you reach out to if you find an unintentional barrier to your work brought on by an IT system or service? Enter the university’s business relationship manager group, or BRM’s for short:

“We are strategic partners with campus,” enthused Alicia Turner, associate director for business relations and the BRM team lead. “The sole purpose of the BRM group is to help our campus maximize their IT experience.”

The BRM group mandate is clear: Serve those who use UF’s enterprise computing systems for teaching and learning, research, and administrative business activities. The BRM’s and the functional area they support are:

Research Faculty/Systems: Ryan Davison
Teaching and Learning Faculty: Doug Johnson
Student Services: Charlotte Tupper
Financial Systems/Business Affairs: Jim Harrison
Human Resources/Payroll: Cheryl Norman

Consider UFIT’s BRM group your personal concierges to enterprise technologies at UF. Turner likens the BRM’s to the front desk staff in a hotel:

“Our question is, how can we help you? How can we make your ‘stay’ in an IT system better? A staff member might see a gap in a service but doesn’t know who to tell about that experience. Tell us! Whether you have an idea or are experiencing an issue–we want to improve the IT you use and make your day better.”