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COMPASS Laying the Foundation for UF

GRAPHIC: Building with COMPASS as the ground floor.

COMPASS is heading towards a new phase, with the project having established the building blocks for UF to better support student success, grow its student information systems, and manage all phases of a student’s relationship with the university.

COMPASS teams have laid the foundation for future growth by upgrading admissions, student records, financial aid, academic advising, undergraduate catalog management, and UF’s data and reporting environments. Notable successes include enhanced analytics based on data being shared throughout UF’s systems–something previously difficult to obtain due to the limitations of an aging, highly customized and localized mainframe environment. The university can now track student engagement and enable capabilities that analyze satisfaction of services through the implementation of Gator360.

Moving forward, the Gator360 Case Management tool will allow staff to track relationships and interactions across campus and enable predictive marketing for UF. Transformation of business intelligence (“BI”) reporting and enterprise analytics will continue, providing intuitive reports and a customizable dashboard. UF’s learning ecosystem will further evolve now that learning object repositories and more in-depth analytics are available. These advances help identify trouble spots and patterns that hinder student success.

Anyone with questions is welcome to contact the COMPASS team.