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Advisors Say Gator360 Improves Services for Students

Thousands of students visit academic advising offices every semester. For years, those offices relied on a system that allowed students to check in and wait to see an advisor–and not much more. As part of UF COMPASS, a new lobby management system was built and deployed by the Gator360 constituent relationship management team. The team worked very closely with advising staff to develop a modern solution with new features and enhanced analytics reporting.

“Lobby management provides our office with an efficient way to track and monitor various data points of interest with respect to students’ interactions. Not only can we quickly assess the nature of our interactions with students from a bird’s eye view, but we can also funnel into specificities of a case, all in the same place,” notes Lucy Andolina, academic advisor for UF’s Innovation Academy. “Having the ability to customize dashboard displays and generate tailored reports helps us to effectively anticipate the needs of our students, which enhances the overall student experience. The Gator360 team have been super-responsive and we look forward to continuing this collaboration.”

Glenn Kepic of CLAS’s Academic Advising Center said their staff is very pleased with the new system’s functionality and usability. “The system provides all the standard information and is customizable for our specific College’s needs. Everything, from the sign-in procedure to real-time data to the reporting function, are easy to use. During fall drop/add we experimented with multiple sign-in computers which drastically reduced the time it took students to check in. Students, staff, and advisors all agree that the new lobby management system was smoothly and successfully implemented.”

Visit the Gator360 webpage to learn how the new constituent relationship management system will enhance UF’s interactions with students.