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Your Most Vulnerable Tech Gadget is…

GRAPHIC: Image of a smartphone with a lock on it.

According to Wired, multiple start-up companies are working with big-name security suppliers to make smartphones less penetrable. Do you think of your protecting your smartphone the same way you protect your laptop?

Because smartphones are a treasure trove of passwords, data, and personal information, it is important to secure them with anti-virus software like a laptop or PC. Here are a few tips to optimize the security of your phone:

Stay off public Wi-Fi hot spots as much as you possibly can
Don’t ignore update notifications! Keep your phone and its apps updated
Be aware of what apps are using your location services

Instructions for updating a smartphone can be found on its manufacturer’s website. Isn’t it worth spending 20 minutes to prevent a possible intrusion from a cyber-criminal to a device that you are so dependent on? Your phone is your 24/7 lifeline, connecting you with the world! This short time commitment can save you a lot of heartache and expense…maybe even an identity theft attempt. Visit the Protect Your Mobile Devices! webpage on the Information Security Office website for additional tips.