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Year-Round Efforts to Curb Risk for UF

PHOTO: Male employee at a training room computer workstation

UF research, academic, and administrative data are valuable targets for e-crimes like phishing. Because of this omnipresent threat, UFIT conducts outreach activities and offers services to help the UF community recognize phishing emails. Among them are:

1. Simulated year-round phishing email program
There is no penalty if you fall for a simulated phishing email. Rather, it’s an opportunity to educate yourself and help prevent the theft of personal and university data.

2. Information security awareness training
A mandatory information security awareness training was launched in fall 2020, and it must be completed it each year.

3. Additional option for reporting a suspected phishing email
A phish alert button was integrated into O365 (GatorMail) last year. If your unit has not yet migrated to O365, you can continue forwarding suspected phish emails to

Many of us have been working from home at least part-time since the pandemic began. Please check that you are securely sharing files and securing your devices. We have additional information security resources on UFIT’s Working Remotely website. Your local IT director can help if you have any questions about these initiatives. The UF Computing Help Desk (352-392-HELP/4357, is also available 24/7 to help with changing your password or to check for a fraudulent UF account login.