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Will You Lose Internet Access on July 9?

Image of computer with virus

UFIT is monitoring Internet traffic on campus to track down computers with a strain of malware called DNS Changer. The DNS Changer malware redirects computers to hacker-created Web sites.

So far, DNS Changer has been detected on a few dozen computers on campus, and UFIT has notified these users of the problem. However, since a large number of UF employees and students do not use the Internet through the UF network, it is important to check that your personal computer is not compromised. Testing your personal computer only takes a few seconds, so make sure you do!

DNS Changer can also prevent computers from updating or using anti-virus software, leaving them vulnerable to additional viruses and malware. The threat of DNS Changer is so serious that the FBI will shut down infected servers on July 9, cutting off computers with the DNS Changer malware from accessing the Internet.

More information is available online. Have concerns about the DNS Changer being on either your UF or personal computers? Contact the UF Computing Help Desk.