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University’s Remote Access Policy Approved

Image: Remote Access Policy Story_Grad Student Connecting from Home Office

The Remote Access Policy, approved December 14, 2016, defines how the University of Florida allows remote access to its information systems and networks. The goal of this policy is to protect UF computers and data from attack and unauthorized Internet access, and applies to all methods used to access services and information systems from off campus. Any method used for remote access to UF services and information systems must be approved by VP & CIO Elias Eldayrie.

The UF VPN is the preferred and approved method of accessing UF information systems from off-campus. The Information Security Office is now working with unit IT directors–those identified as having systems using an unapproved remote access method–to switch to the VPN. UF is currently assessing the risks of various unapproved remote access methods and will block those that create unacceptable risks. Evaluation of Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol or Terminal Services (RDP) is underway, and some limits are being put in place.

Everyone at UF is responsible for the security of computers and devices they use to access university resources. A Standard is available for more information about this policy. Anyone with questions may email the Information Security Office.