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UF Creates Identity Theft Presentation


When it comes to preventing identity theft, the best defense is a strong offense. The University of Florida Privacy Office developed a presentation to help the UF community protect themselves against identity theft. Available as a direct-link from the Privacy Office’s homepage, the PowerPoint presentation takes just minutes to review and contains a lot of useful information and resources.

Since criminals are constantly coming up with more creative ways to access your personal data, awareness of their tactics and how to deflect them is crucial. Among the most common strategies used is “phishing”. Phishing is when someone poses as a credible source (a bank or university department, for example) and requests private information. There have been many recent phishing scams at UF: requests to “update your password” and “verify your GatorLink” have been very prevalent in recent weeks. UF’s Information Security Office provides more information about recognizing phony emails and how to report suspected phishing attempts on their website.

Call (352-273-1212) or email UF’s Chief Privacy Officer Susan Blair if you’d like a member of the Privacy Office to give a presentation on preventing identity theft at your next department or staff meeting. More resources for protecting your personal information as well as UF data is available on the Privacy Office’s training page.