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Travelling Securely

PHOTO: Two students looking at their devices in New York City

As the holiday season approaches, be mindful of the security risks that come with travelling. Device theft isn’t the only threat you need to worry about – hackers often target unsecured public WiFi networks and corrupt devices with malware. Whether you’re spending the holidays at home or abroad, make it a priority to safeguard your personal information. Follow this checklist as you prepare to leave:

  • Back up your data. Hard drives are prone to crashing unexpectedly, and there is always the possibility of your device getting lost or stolen during your trip.
  • Turn off file and print sharing. Doing so will block unauthorized access to your files.
  • Quit all applications and enable WiFi. If you are travelling abroad, this will prevent any roaming charges.
  • Disable automatic connections to open WiFi networks. Connecting to public networks in airports and other places makes it easier for hackers to access your information.
  • Connect to UF’s VPN. This service protects your Internet activity by providing secure remote access to the university’s network.

Don’t let a cyber attack or lost device ruin your time with loved ones. Visit to read more tech safety tips for travelers.