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The Value of a Hacked PC

Student realizing her PC has been hacked

Many people think cyber criminals are only after financial information. But hacked PCs give criminals a lot more than just credit card numbers and banking passwords.

An infected PC gives hackers access to email contacts, virtual goods like downloaded music, and account credentials. An infected PC also allows criminals to use it as their own personal zombie to host phishing and malware schemes.

Use caution when deciding if a link is from a trusted source. Cyber criminals’ phishing emails often appear to come from a real company or, like the recent fake emails that made the rounds of campus users, like they were from the UF Computing Help Desk.

To help protect the UF community from cyber criminals, UFIT’s Information Security team is hosting a National Cyber Security Awareness Month event on October 22. This event will take place from 1:00 to 4:00 PM in the “Friends of Music Room” at the University Auditorium. The panel and presentations will offer valuable information, like tips on preventing identity theft. Assistant U.S. Attorney Frank Williams will use his background investigating and prosecuting Internet crimes to address the dangers children face online.

For information on how to avoid becoming a victim of cyber-crime, visit Information Security’s Protect Yourself webpage.