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The Value of a Hacked Email Account

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Not only is your personal data at risk when your UF email account is cracked—your finances, outside accounts, employment, and contacts are affected as well.

Once a criminal has hacked into your email, they can view your messages, calendar, photos, call records, and locations you’ve visited. Cyber criminals sell account information for services such as Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, iTunes, Netflix, and more to spammers and others looking for account credentials they can use. And, when someone gets into your email, they can worm their way into your bank account information if you use online banking services.

UF email accounts are especially valuable to cyber criminals: They can use your UF email account to mass distribute spam. Cyber criminals can also gain unauthorized access to UF’s network and cause problems not only for you personally, but abuse copyrighted software and resources contracted and paid for by UF, such as library and lab resources.

Learn more about how to strengthen your password by visiting UFIT’s password guide. For additional information and resources, click on the ‘Student’ tab on the Information Security website and review the “Protect Yourself” page or contact UFIT’s Information Security and Compliance team.