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Spotting–and Not Falling For–Phishing Attempts

PHOTO: Student looking at laptop with text "Don't get phished!"

Congratulations! We would like to offer you $450 per week. Work on Campus with Nice people, and you select your own Hours. Click Here NOW!” Ugh. UF students are heavily targeted with phishing emails, especially at the start of a semester. Take a few minutes to learn some of the Phish warning signs:

  • You are offered a job that you didn’t apply for. A job offering $350-$450 for 4-8 hours a week is just not realistic. Cyber-scammers know that you have a busy academic life and that a campus job is appealing because of its convenience for you. Responding to job-phish email can result in more financial insecurity for you, because a scammer could obtain your social security number, bank account, or credit card information. Check spelling, grammar, and hover over any link in a job offer email–if there is anything that makes you suspicious, don’t click…delete.
  • You receive a password request. A common phishing tactic is to tell you, “your mailbox is full” or “your password is about to expire.” The follow-through from you would be to then click on, or copy/paste a link from the email, and then provide your information in an online form. UF will never request your Gatorlink password in an email!

Students can call (352-392-HELP/4357) or email the UF Computing Help Desk for assistance in determining whether an email is genuine or a phish.