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Smartphone Hacking Increasing

Cell phone

Smartphones are fully functional computers that often carry important and confidential information. Increases in mobile banking and online shopping mean smartphones store critical financial information as well as emails and text messages. The increasing use of personal phones for business purposes means smartphones can be a treasure trove of proprietary information. All of this makes smartphones a juicy target for hackers who are motivated by the ability to profit from information they steal. Some experts predict a tremendous rise in phone hacking in 2012. Everyone with a smartphone needs to know how to protect themselves.

UF recently adopted a new policy and standard covering the secure use of mobile computing and storage devices. Following the policy and standards guidelines will help protect both your personal and university data stored on a smartphone.

More information about complying with UF’s Mobile Computing and Storage Devices policy can be found in the UFIT Web site’s Frequently Asked Questions Policies section.