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Smart Digital Prep for New School Year

PHOTO: Staff turning in old devices that can store data, at the UF Computing Help Desk, 132 Hub

It’s a new school year…why not give your online life a new start, too, with a digital cleaning:

Purge your saved emails and email subscriptions: Do you really need to save YEARS of emails? What if a hacker got a hold of them? Save only emails that you may have to refer back to. Also, unsubscribe to any email lists unnecessary to your life now. A cleaner in-box will make you more efficient online.

Update your devices: Your mobile devices are essential to your life. Doesn’t it make sense to keep them up-to-date? Updating your smartphones and other portables reduces the risk of malware. And malware can be a major life disrupter in college.

Declutter your mobile environment: Free up space on your devices by getting rid of apps you no longer use. Also, use that time while on an RTS bus to check for updated versions of the apps you DO use. Newer version of apps have plugged previous security holes.

After you purged, updated, and decluttered, you may need to dispose of devices and device accessories in a safe way. Laptops and smartphones aren’t the only devices that keep personal data: External hard drives, memory sticks, and wearables can also store data and images. Did you know UFIT has a safe media disposal service, including at the UF Computing Help Desk (Hub 132)? It’s free. Learn what items you can securely dispose of at UF’s two collection points.