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Simulated Phishing Emails Begin Soon

GRAPHIC: Phishing Awareness: Don't get phished, Gators!

As part of its broader education and awareness activities, UF’s Information Security Office will begin sending simulated phishing emails during the fall term. This year-round initiative is designed to help students, faculty, and staff better recognize phishing attacks.

From fake job opportunities to emails made to look like they are from UF, a phishing attempt has one goal–steal personal information and/or institutional data. Often, a phish will imply a sense of urgency in the hopes that recipients won’t look too closely at where the links go. While most phishing emails get blocked before reaching your UF inbox, some still get through. And when one Gator falls for a phish, it can impact the entire university by exposing academic and medical records, research, employee social security numbers, and university business information. The simulated phishing emails are based on real-world examples of phishing attacks and will be sent periodically throughout the year. There is no penalty for falling for a simulated phishing attempt. Rather, this initiative provides a way to educate the UF community on how to spot a phish.

Please forward any suspicious emails received in your UF inbox to For GatorMail (UF’s O365 service) users, simply use the phishing alert button.