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Set Up Two-Factor Ahead of UF Deadline

PHOTO: Student getting assistance onboarding in two-factor authentication while at the 2020 Student Tech Fair.

UF is an extremely high-value target for attacks designed to steal data (like financial records and research) as well as the identity information of our students, faculty, and staff. Using a two-factor authentication (2FA) service is a great way to fight against this type of organized crime: You’re better protected from phishing, social engineering, and password attacks, and your login credentials are safer from criminals who are exploiting weak or stolen passwords. According to the HIPAA Journal, using a two-factor or multi-factor service blocks 99.9% of automated cyber attacks.

By summer 2020, UF will require everyone to use two-factor authentication. You can start protecting your personal info, photos, research, and online records now by enrolling today. It’s fast and easy to do:

We’ve all seen news reports about cities and organizations being held hostage by cyber attackers…since implementing 2FA provides more security for you, why wouldn’t you want to protect your university as well? After enrolling, the two-factor process only takes a second or two when logging in! The UF Computing Help Desk can help you set up your two-factor account. Visit (132 Hub), email, or give them a call, 352-392-HELP/4357.