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Safe Technology, Safer You

Students walking in Tech Plaza looking at their phones

Technology helps you learn, work, and communicate. Take advantage of these free, IT-related resources to protect yourself and the devices you rely on:

Laptop Theft Tracking
College campuses are the third most common place for laptop theft. Besides never leaving your devices unattended in public, be proactive and install FREE FrontDoorSoftware. If your laptop is ever stolen, you can find its approximate street-address location, remotely lock it from use, and sound an alarm when it’s opened.

Virus Protection
Viruses in malicious websites, emails, and messages can cause big harm, but it doesn’t have to cost big money to protect against them. Download a free, UF-approved antivirus product for Windows or Mac. Looking for more information about malware? Visit UF’s Information Security Office website.

UF Mobile Safety App
Downloading TapShield onto your mobile device is like having a UF emergency Blue Light phone in your hand. Should you ever feel unsafe on campus, tap the app’s alert button to immediately connect with the police. If you have any questions about FrontDoorSoftware, please emailLieutenant Pam Bonner at UFPD.