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Plan Now for Windows 2003 End-of-Life

End of Life for Win2003

Effective July 14, 2015, Microsoft support for Windows 2003 ends. University of Florida IT staff should plan now for the upgrade, replacement, or retirement of systems running Windows 2003.

Because of the potential for security compromises once Microsoft stops issuing patches or updates, VP & CIO Elias Eldayrie and Chief Information Security Officer Rob Adams are sharing lists of active Win2003 servers at UF with the deans, directors, and department chairs whose areas still use them. When the servers reach end-of-life, any security vulnerabilities discovered after that point will never be fixed, exposing the university, its networks, and data to considerable risk. For this reason, it is imperative that all remaining Windows 2003 servers be removed from service before July 14, 2015.

Unit IT managers that need assistance with remediating Windows 2003 servers should submit a support request or contact David Gagne in UFIT’s Technology Support Services group as soon as possible to discuss solutions.