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Phone and Email Scams Affecting Campus

Scam artist lurking by computer

Several phone and email “phishing” scams have made their way on campus. “Phishing” refers to an attempt to acquire information such as user name, password, or Social Security number by masquerading as a trustworthy source. A phone scam is when you get a phone call purporting to be from the UF Computing Help Desk, other UF department, or outside organization. The caller says that, to verify your UF account activity, they need your GatorLink password.

No one from UF will ever ask for your GatorLink password, your complete Social Security number, or any other personally identifying information!

If you receive a phone call or an email asking for any of these types of information, email or call (352-392-HELP/4357) the UF Computing Help Desk with the details.

Phishing scams are successful when they convince people that an email or a Web link is from a recognized source. Phishing emails may look credible, but contain links to Websites infected with malware. If you receive an official-looking email from a UF department asking you to confirm your account or for personally identifying information, check with your IT staff before answering or clicking on a link in the email. Often phishing attacks direct users to a fake Web site that looks virtually identical to the legitimate site.

Information about active phishing scams is posted on the UFIT Alerts dashboard. Additional information about phishing attacks and identity theft scams is available on Information Security and Compliance’s Web site.