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On-Site Electronic Media Disposal Service

Secure On-Site Shredding Truck

UF requires the destruction of data on any electronic equipment that is disposed, transferred, or reused. To support compliance of this policy, faculty and staff can securely discard cell phones, DVDs, flash drives, and other electronic media through UF’s media disposal service.

The disposal service is provided through a contract with Secure On-Site Shredding (SOS). SOS destroys UF’s unwanted electronic media and recycles the remnants. Items accepted at UF for disposal include:

⏩ CDs and DVDs
⏩ USB flash drives and memory sticks
⏩ Cell phones and camera memory cards
⏩ Microfiche and film
⏩ External hard drives and removed internal hard drives
⏩ Floppy disks and tapes

Desktop computers, laptops, and printers cannot be discarded through the media disposal service, but the hard drives removed from this equipment are accepted.

To drop off unwanted media, visit the UF Computing Help Desk in Hub 132 during regular business hours, or visit room C2-22A at the Health Science Center’s Communicore Building on Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. After dropping any media off, you will receive an emailed receipt verifying that your media has entered the disposal process. For more information, visit the Information Security Office’s Media Disposal webpage.