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New Online Tool Helps You Safely Work With UF Data

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The UF Data Guide, now available on the IRM Fast Path Solutions website, was created to help you make informed decisions about how and where to safely store, analyze, and share data. Dr. Lauren Griffin of the College of Journalism and Communication’s STEM Translational Communication Center has used the new tool and is very pleased:

“The new UF Data Guide interface puts all of the information about data usage in one place.  The IRM team asked for input from researchers and clearly put a lot of thought into how people working with data will actually use the guide. This new tool has made the process for us more accessible and understandable.”

What are the benefits of using this tool? The UF Data Guide is:

  1. A quick, seamless way to understand what type of data you are working with. If you work with data governed by federal law, state regulations, or contractual obligations, then this tool will help you determine your data type.
  2. An easy-to-use tool that specifies which software options or computing environments can be used with various types of data at UF.

UFIT is in the process of getting additional feedback from faculty and staff around campus before the full, final release of the UF Data Guide tool. Any feedback you have about the tool or the IRM website is welcomed by UFIT.