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Millions of Emails Caught Each Month by UF SPAM Filter

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You can thank UF’s email filtering system for rarely seeing weight-loss scams in your GatorCloud inbox. In September 2015 alone, 609 million — 93.52% of emails attempting to enter the UF mail system — were rejected, leaving 42 million emails (6.48%) deemed safe for delivery. While some of these rejected emails are just annoying SPAM (“You are a Nigerian lottery winner!”), many others are malicious phishing attempts.

Although UF uses a sophisticated email filter, SPAM and phishing attempts still get through. You can usually spot a phishing email by the fake links used or text implying a false sense of urgency. UF will never ask you to email your password! If in doubt whether an email is real or fake, contact the UF Computing Help Desk.

SPAM messages featuring unwanted solicitations or images should be reported to UFIT by forwarding the full message to Phishing messages (i.e., when a sender poses as someone else, like pretending to represent the UF Computing Help Desk) asking for personal information should be forwarded to To learn more about SPAM and malicious emails, visit the Information Security Office’s email abuse page.