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Learn to Overcome the Most Prevalent Cyber-Security Threats

Hand-drawn image: a superhero gator who fights cyber-security crime

Serious cyber security threats are being attempted every day, putting information generated by UF at risk. These risks can be greatly mitigated if faculty and staff learn how to recognize and avoid these threats. Cyber Security @ UF, a new training offered by UFIT, teaches participants to recognize and overcome the most prevalent cyber security threats, including phishing and malicious downloads. Several sessions of the class are offered in October as part of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM).

The training also covers topics including best practices for creating and managing passwords. Strong passwords help keep things like your bank records and social security numbers safe. Faculty and staff are encouraged to take the course individually or as a group by visiting and registering for Cyber Security @ UF. If the scheduled training dates do not work, please submit an on-site training request and UFIT’s training manager will quickly follow up with you.

For additional resources that can help you year-round, visit the Information Security Office’s NCSAM web page.