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Increase Your Online Security with a Password Manager

GRAPHIC: Password Manager Image Displayed on Laptop

According to a study conducted by Virginia Tech, more than 50 percent of people reuse passwords on multiple websites. It is certainly easier to remember one password for many different websites and apps, like your Amazon or Spotify accounts. But doing so means that when one website is hacked, cyberthieves now have access to anywhere else you’ve used that password. Lists of stolen email addresses and passwords from hacked websites are frequently posted online, making it easy for criminals to test them against many websites and apps until they find one that works.

Using a password manager creates a unique, complicated password for each website you sign up for. The password manager stores these passwords in an encrypted database and enters them again for you when you revisit that site. You only have to remember the password to your password manager! This way, each website has a different password, so if thieves hack one site, they cannot use stolen passwords to log in to other sites.

Visit the page for more tips, and stop by the Information Security Office’s Black Mirror-themed tabling events in the Hub this month to speak with UF’s cybersecurity experts!