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IAM is now Identity Services

GRAPHIC: Security icon background with the words "Identity Services" in the foreground.

UFIT recently changed the name of a unit every Gator interacts with, whether they know it or not: Identity and Access Management is now Identity Services.

“The name change reflects the complete range of the services provided, the increase in unit visibility, and the important responsibilities entrusted to this group,” said UF’s Chief Information Security Officer Rob Adams.

Identity Services oversees the technologies and capabilities that ensure UF community members may access appropriate applications, services, and data based on authorized rights to do so. Each person’s identity information determines scalable and automated mechanisms that enable proper levels of access to applications and data. Common access controls can be assigned for specific UF job functions, such as a program assistant, business manager, consultant, or others–including students. Common access controls also allow the tailoring of access (handling exceptions) for applications based on university data, and enable access management for collaborations around the world.

UFIT recently hired Michael Gettes as Associate Director for Identity Services. He joins Gator Nation after serving in various capacities at Princeton, Georgetown, Duke, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and Penn State. Gettes has worked on national and international efforts involving Internet2, InCommon Federation, and other standards and technical organizations. Anyone with questions about Identity Services at UF may submit them via “ > Security > Identity and Access Management,” or email,