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Get Creative and Think Up Strong Passwords

Creative UF Password Ideas

Getting a “Your GatorLink Password Will Expire in 4 Days” reminder message? UF isn’t trying to be obnoxious…UF is trying to help you protect your personal information and personal files!

Successful hacks and data thefts from major banks and popular chain stores is all over the news. The most proactive step you can take to protect yourself from online theft is by creating strong passwords and using different passwords for each website you access.

The more accounts you have, the harder it can be to keep track of your passwords. Why not consider using a password manager service to help organize them all? These services offer serious encryption and typically log you into certain accounts automatically so you don’t have to remember your pool of different passwords. Information is available online about the university’s password complexity standard for passwords used with UF systems like Webmail and myUFL.

The Information Security Office is participating in the 2014 Tech Fair. Visit with them, get some cool swag, and learn more about ways to keep your personal information safe!