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Free, Secure Media Disposal at Help Desk

GRAPHIC: Secure Media Disposal Available at the Hub

UFIT offers secure media disposal for students, faculty, and staff. Anyone needing to discard electronic media, including cell phones, external hard drives, memory cards from cameras, CDs, and flash drives can bring them to the UF Computing Help Desk (132 Hub).

Throwing away media storage devices–like an ancient cellphone–in the trash at home makes you vulnerable: Those stored photos of your birthday blowout from 2016 can provide enough information to cause a lot of problems for you, such as identity theft and major financial losses. Protect yourself! It only takes a few minutes to safely dispose of items. Just bring your unneeded digital storage items and devices to the Help Desk, where it/they will be shredded on-site in a secure, environmentally friendly way. (The metal from discarded media and devices is recycled.)

Visit for more information, including a complete list of what items are accepted. Before stopping by the Help Desk, check their business hours here.