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End-of-Life: Windows 7 and Win Server 2008

GRAPHIC: Tombstone depicting the end of life date for Win 7 and WinServer 2008.

Microsoft has announced the end-of-life for two products heavily used on our campus: Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008
will die on January 14, 2020
. There are currently 5,400 Windows 7 users and approximately 570 Windows Server 2008 users detected on the UF Network.

UFIT suggests that department IT leads schedule a discussion with college or division leadership to formulate a migration plan. With approximately 18 months until the end-of-life date, there is time to develop a strategy and budget for any necessary purchases. Starting in January, 2019, the UF Information Security Office will send a monthly “warning” ticket to all users of Windows 7 and Win Server 2008. Beginning in November, 2019, the warning tickets will become a weekly reminder. Blocking of non-compliant assets will begin on February 1, 2020.

There may be some false positive results with the usage detection process, resulting in an unneeded warning ticket. Any reports of false positives received will be excluded from further notifications. UFIT understands that some departments might have a situation where an OS upgrade is not possible before January 14, 2020. The same exception process that was developed for end-of-life of Windows XP will be used. Please contact the Information Security Office (352-273-1344) to start the process.