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Don’t Answer Social Media Questionnaires

GRAPHIC: Social Media Questionnaire Visual

Social media usage has skyrocketed since stay-at-home restrictions began. People around the world are answering popular social networking questionnaires to pass the time online. The questionnaires often include revealing questions such as What’s your mother’s maiden name? What city were you born in? and What was the make/model of your first car?

Do any of these questions sound familiar? Of course they do–they are identical to the security answers you provide to access your banking app and other financial accounts.

Sharing questionnaires seems like an innocent way to connect and have a laugh with with friends while social distancing, but it can lead to much worse. When you answer these questions on Facebook, you could unknowingly divulge sensitive information to cyber criminals. Hackers can use questionnaire information you entered to guess your passwords, break into your personal accounts, and steal your identity. Before you participate in social media questionnaires, ask yourself: would answering these questions publicly enable someone to use my information against me? If the answer is yes, then don’t rely on this social media trend to pass the time during COVID.

Visit the UF Information Security Office website for more cyber safety tips.