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Do You Want Old Emails or Photos to End Up in the Wrong Hands?

Screen shot of computer code being stolen

Your personal information on removable storage devices is vulnerable, and so is the UF data you store on those devices. Does your work require you to transport files from a desktop to a laptop via a flash drive or other external method?

If you have unneeded storage media and work with UF Restricted or Sensitive data, do not throw out Mobile storage or old hard drives in the trash.

It’s a serious risk to throw out old flash drives, external storage devices, or a computer hard drive in the trash if your work files contain UF Restricted or Sensitive data. Don’t make it easier for criminals to get hold of UF patient social security numbers or student names and addresses.

There is a better way! UF Information Technology contracts with a secure disposal company that literally shreds unneeded tech devices.

Faculty and staff may not realize how much data is actually saved in laptops and on smartphones…for example, think about when you order something online…you typed data into “form fields”. Do you want that personal information to potentially be snatched up by someone who will use or sell it? Don’t take that chance.

Bring unneeded storage device items to the UF Computing Help Desk for secure disposal during Help Desk operating hours. For secure media disposal at the Health Science Center, bring the items to the Communicore Building (C2-22A) on Tuesdays from 10:00am-12:00pm.

Items that can be dropped off include:
CDs                                     Hard Disks (removed from PCs)
USB Drives/Flash Drives     Cell Phones
Memory Cards

For more information contact UFIT’s Information Security and Compliance team.

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