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Do You Bank or Shop Online? Beware of New Virus!

Gameover Virus

UF’s Office of Information Security & Compliance wants to publicize a warning issued by the FBI: a new virus infecting computers is capable of compromising your banking security and taking over your bank account–at which point it is ‘Game Over’.

If ‘Gameover’ gets on your PC, you are extremely vulnerable to having your usernames and passwords stolen. The ‘Gameover’ virus is a particularly nasty phishing scheme: it knows how to defeat user authentication methods in use by financial institutions. ‘Gameover’ is a newer version of the Zeus malware that was created several years ago and aimed specifically at getting banking information.

How does it work?

Gameover works by getting users to go to a phony Web site. For example, you get an email from your bank, PayPal, or student loan institution, saying there is a problem processing your automatic or one-time payment. There is a link or attachment in the email. The link looks real and is allegedly helping you to resolve the online payment issue. Once you’ve clicked on the link or attachment, you’ve inadvertently downloaded the Gameover malware. Your computer is infected and your banking information can be stolen.

A reminder to all members of the university community: as long as people click on unsolicited attachments in email, scammers will invent new ways to take their money and identities.  To learn more about staying safe online, visit the Information Security & Compliance Web site.