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Defend Yourself From Data Brokers

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Recently, 60 Minutes exposed data brokerage business practices. Many people know that companies like Facebook and Amazon track activity in order to provide customized ads. But what people don’t realize is how much data is being collected about our personal lives whenever we are online–and that companies collect, analyze, and sell that information. Here are some ways to keep personal information out of the hands of data brokers:

1. Kick Your Google Habit
The search engine giant stores mass amounts of users’ data, including personal information and search logs. Consider switching to another search engine like Duck Duck Go, which doesn’t store any of your search logs.

2. Download Disconnect Search software
If you’re reluctant to give up Google, try downloading Disconnect Search, a software package that allows you to view and block those invisible websites that track your movements online.

3. Change your iPhone’s privacy settings
This takes just seconds: iPhone owners can go to the Security section of their phone’s settings, select Advertising, and turn on the Limit Ad Tracking function.

For more information and tips on protecting personal information, register in myUFL for UFIT’s May 22 Cyber Self-Defense Class. The Information Security Office can also present on data security and privacy at departmental meetings and for UF organizations. To request a presentation at your next staff meeting, visit UFIT’s Service Request website and select “Request a Training Session” under the Security service catalog.