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Cyber-crime: Don’t Be a Victim

Cartoon image of thief running off with your credit card

In its 2015 report of data breach investigations, Verizon stated that 95% of web attacks involve stealing (or “harvesting”) personal credentials from a customer’s device, then logging into a website application with them. On August 26, faculty and staff can learn how to protect themselves online at the Cyber Self-Defense Workshop:

Course Number: GET199
Course Name: Cyber Self-Defense
Location: The HUB. – Room 221
Date/Time: Friday, August 26, 9:35-11:35AM

Led by UFIT’s Data Security Specialist Derrius Marlin, the workshop is designed to get participants thinking about how to protect personal and university information. Areas covered in this workshop include how to safely browse the web, what the ‘principle of least privilege’ is and why it’s important, encryption and backing up files, email safety, and best practices when using wireless internet. For the first time ever, this interactive workshop will be held in HUB 221, making it easier for faculty and staff to attend.

Click here to register for the workshop. Want to learn what other IT-related training is being offered at UF? Visit the UFIT Training website.