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Bringing Information Security Curriculum to CISE Courses

Prof Wilson and Hacking Team

Every second of every day hackers across the globe are reworking their tactics, continually trying to penetrate the security barriers that UF’s Information Security and Compliance team updates and defends. Starting this fall, some of the lessons learned by this team will be shared in UF classrooms.

Joseph Wilson, assistant processor in Computer and Information Science and Engineering, is working with the Information Security and Compliance team to identify ways to infuse security into the undergraduate curriculum. Working together, Professor Wilson and “InfoSec” partnered on a successful Student Tech Fee proposal for funds to purchase a Netlab server to aid in teaching security classes.

Using the Netlab system, students will get hands-on experience learning how cyber-security attacks are carried out and how to defend against them. Netlab provides students with a ‘network-in-a-box’ separate from the Internet, so problems they encounter will not impact other computers. Wilson’s long-term goal is to incorporate information security issues across the entire curriculum:

“It’s time for computing students to learn how to avoid writing insecure code,” Wilson said. “Understanding secure coding requires a storehouse of knowledge largely ignored in undergraduate curricula.”

A course in Malware Reverse Engineering will be offered in spring 2014. Please email Joseph Wilson for more information on CISE security curriculum.