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Avoid Accepting Cookies When Possible

GRAPHIC: Think twice before accepting cookies

“This website uses cookies. If you continue browsing the site, you are giving implied consent to the use of cookies on this site.”

Many people click “OK”, but do you know what you’re actually agreeing to?

Cookies are bits of information sent to your computer and stored in your web browser. Originally, cookies were only used to power features like ‘remember me’ and to save preferences on websites. Now, cookies track your movements around the web and gather demographic information about you. Businesses store this data and sell it to third parties so you can be targeted in online ads. For example, advertisements from Southwest, Delta, and other airlines appear on webpages you visit and your social media feeds if you search for flights or visit a travel site. You can manage cookies and limit some of the advertising they create by (1) clearing your browsing history, (2) setting your browser to block ‘third party’ cookies, and (3) opting out of third-party advertising via the AdChoices icon located in the top-right corner of an ad. To stop advertisers from collecting data on you, install a tracking blocker plugin into the web browsers you use. Be sure to research and choose a secure plug-in, not a wolf in sheep’s clothing! Protect your online activity from prying eyes. Visit to learn more cybersecurity tips.