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A Great Lock for Your Laptop

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Imagine if your could protect your laptop from theft…but if it is stolen, being able to lock the laptop, track its location, and even send an audio text to the thief?! Not only is this possible but for UF students, faculty, and staff it’s FREE through Front Door software. Front Door is available to individuals or UF departments, and can be used on personal as well as university-owned laptops.

If your laptop is lost or stolen Front Door lets you lock it down remotely, text the thief, or choose to blast a message from your laptop’s speakers. You can also use Google Map to see the laptop’s current location, which can greatly assist the University Police Department in retrieving it for you.

UF’s Front Door program includes free installation and laptop registration along with four years of software tracking services. The software is available in Windows and Apple versions. Installation (download) takes only a few seconds, making it easy to protect your laptop and personal information, coursework, emails, and pictures.

University departments can set up group accounts to protect more than one device. For information about getting additional licenses under a department account visit, call (303-670-8800), or email the Front Door sales and support team.

Contact the University Police Department for more information about UF’s Front Door software program and other preventative actions for staying safe and secure on campus.