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UF’s FISMA-Compliant Environment is Live

Researcher in lab

Research Shield, UF’s FISMA-compliant environment, is now operational.

Building the infrastructure and support for Research Shield became UF’s top strategic computing priority with the $40 million contract awarded to UF’s Institute for Child Health Policy. That contract, from the State of Texas for UF’s Department of Health Outcomes and Policy (HOP) to serve as their External Quality Review Organization (EQRO), required a research computing environment compliant with FISMA and NIST standards by June 30, 2015.

With Research Shield or ‘ResShield’, UFIT has enabled the high-security guidelines mandated for data created, stored, or accessed by federal agencies and their entities. ResShield encompasses select virtual computing resources, including universally encrypted data and drives, controlled access through a firewall, a two-factor authentication requirement, and software security.

As part of the FISMA certification process for the onboarding of new tenants, UFIT has policies, standards, and administrative support available for research projects that require certification of how protected data will be handled throughout a project’s lifecycle. Faculty with questions about UF’s FISMA environment can visit the ResShield website for more information. Anyone with questions about sponsored research computing documentation may email Erik Deumens, Director of Research Computing.