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UF’s Community of Researchers Attend HiPerGator Symposium

PHOTO: Alireza Adibfar, Ph.D. student in UF's M. E. Rinker, Sr. School of Construction Management

The HiPerGator Symposium was held Oct. 16 in the UF Informatics Institute. The number of RSVPs and level of engagement during the event led to Research Computing Director Erik Deumens’ decision that the symposium will be an annual event.

“The HiPerGator Symposium was really an amazing event where researchers gathered from different departments to speak on a common language, which is ‘DATA’,” said Alireza Adibfar, a Ph.D. student in the M. E. Rinker, Sr. School of Construction Management. “The symposium helped me get more insight into my research and also get motivation for further utilization of data into my work.”

The symposium featured 14 presentations from postdoctoral candidates and principal investigators in the morning. After lunch, a lively poster session was held, showcasing research from colleges and schools across campus. The symposium program is online. Deumens was extremely pleased by the reception from UF’s research community:

“The HiPerGator Symposium went very well–there was a wonderful energy! It was great to see the wide variety of research being done on HiPerGator at UF. Several speakers explicitly mentioned that they could not do their work without HiPerGator and that they received valuable help from UFIT’s support team. We will definitely do this symposium again next year, so look for it in October 2019!”